Happy Blogmas 12.03.2021.

Hello everyone! It’s officially the month of December and that means it’s about to get busy…or at least it feels like it. There are suddenly gifts to buy and wrap, recipes to learn, parties to attend…and a new year to plan for is just around the corner.

Just to add to my personal todo list- I wanted to participate in Blogmas this year which is just posting everyday in December up until Christmas. Granted I am already a two days behind…but hey! Better late than never…right?

Today is a day of feeling a tad overwhelmed. Well, if we are being completely honest…that’s everyday lately. As we know I am very pregnant and this is my first little one…so it’s a completely new world to me. Trying to navigate what I am supposed to be doing, what I think I should be doing, and what I want to be doing can be overwhelming.

I have been personally dealing with some uncomfy pregnancy symptoms like extreme shortness of breath that leads to me feeling really faint and some pelvic pains that are just extra aggravated by our little ninja kicking all day. While I know these can be fairly common symptoms with pregnancy, when I brought them up with one of my doctors I sort of just got dismissed as if I was being irrational…which makes you want to kind of act irrational. This is a fairly common thing I have dealt with in this hospital anyways- being a type 1 diabetic and a woman- you tend to get dismissed as being either neglectful of your health or hormonal. Adding pregnancy to that doesn’t help. So- that is a strange battle I am currently fighting. Trying to navigate a very personal experience in a very non personal environment.

We are also trying to navigate the whole “who am I?” dilemma in our household with begin newbie parents to be, new career options opening up, and just being adults in our 20’s. It’s that time of year- I swear. No matter what you do, you’re going to have a mild existential crisis…even if it’s for the better.

Today- I am sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a nice tea and working on clearing out my phone, my emails, catching up on homework (as it is near the end of the semester) and then we get to join our friends in a little birthday celebration tonight- so that’s exciting!

I think that’s all I have to talk about today- if you have any personal advice or thoughts or resources regarding the new baby and pregnacy feel free to leave a comment! Otherwise I would love to hear what you are all up to on this early December evening! As for now- I wish you happy reading, I’ll see you tomorrow.